Foothills Academy Instructors

Catherine Lowell - Academy Director and Piano/Vocal/String/Guitar Instructor

I have 35 years experience as a professional classical, jazz, blues and improvisational pianist/organist, with a background in solo performance, ensemble, accompanying, song writing-arranging and  studio musician work. I have taught music and piano in the private school Bellevue Christian, and currently teach orchestra and accompany choirs throughout the Northshore School District.

I currently perform with the Sammamish Symphony as principle pianist and ensemble cellist, 
and as Accompanist for Columbia Choir 

I teach piano and cello - I was very blessed as a child, to have parents that provided me such a wonderful musical education, and now with my own academy I can share this with others.

“Music speaks differently to each of us and from the beginning we do not know which path it will guide us on; be it the desire of performance, the longing of composition, or the joy of listening. I experience no greater joy as a teacher than seeing the small spark of curiosity that lies within each of us erupt into a flame that will burn forever, guiding us on that chosen path." - Catherine


Emmy Hoech-Violin/Viola/Cello String Instructor

I grew up in Colorado and moved to Seattle after graduating from the University of Denver. My professional career involves performances with full orchestras as well as intimate chamber groups. For the last 15 years I have been actively involved with the Orchestra Seattle along with teaching privately and in the Northshore School District orchestra program.

"Music improves discipline, problem-solving, critical thinking as well as increases coordination, memory, focus and listening skills, all the while building self-confidence". - Emmy


Aliena Lowell - Voice and Piano/Keyboard Instructor

I am in my second year at the University of Washington studying neurobiology and biochemistry, as well as minoring in music.  I have accompanied choirs from the time I was in 5th grade, including my junior high, high school as well as the University Chorale and Columbia Choir.  I have toured Europe as the jazz pianist for the Washington Ambassadors of Music and performed in seven different countries.  I currently am the pianist for the Sammamish Symphony, the University of Washington's musical theater program and sing first soprano in the University Chorale.  

" In music there is no such word as 'unable'. Everyone is able to experience music in their own way". - Aliena


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