Foothills Youth Choir...Let's Harmonize!

We invite you to join our Youth Choir.  We do not require auditions, just a love of singing.

Join a group of young students who come together to sing and learn foundational-musicianship.

Learn the following while singing and sharing time with friends:

*Note-Interval Training
*Solfege Training
*Proper Breath and Vocal Technique
*Vowel Formation
*Connection with and Performance for an Audience
*Solo opportunities with Individual Coaching

Examples of Literature we sing:
Popular (Les Mis, Frozen), Folk (Shanendoah)
and  Classical (Gloria Patri)

Our goal is to create a love for vocal and choral music and to build a strong musical foundation for our students to last a lifetime.

Bring a friend and let's harmonize!

8- Week Session Details:

 Tuition:  $80

Winter Session:   Mondays  7:00-8:00pm      
                             February 2 - March 23
Spring Session:   Mondays 7:00-8:00pm
                             March 30 - May 18

To Register:  call 425-753-0820 or email:

Tuition can be either dropped off or mailed to:

Foothills Music Academy
14701 #A2 Main St ne Duvall, WA  98019

Foothills Music Academy

 offering:  piano, drums, voice, violin, viola, cello, harp,  orchestra and choir
 serving:  Duvall, Monroe, Redmond, Carnation, Woodinville

Foothills Music Academy - Why Us?

With so many places to learn music, why choose Foothills Music Academy?

We not only teach instrument proficiency in our private lesson sessions,  we also facilitate musical exploration and performance.

Our students do not just go into a "room" down a hall, but get to know each other.  And, should they choose, take advantage of the opportunities to collaborate with one another.

1) All students at FMA learn theory and composition.  An aspiring composer is given the opportunity to hear his/her music come to life via our youth orchestra that meets weekly.  He/She gets to learn to conduct as well as work with musicians - we have had conductors as young as 8!

2) A vocalist is always in need of an accompanist, and accompanying is a lost art.  We provide our piano students the opportunity to learn a piece and coordinate with any of our students, not just vocal.

3) Piano/Vocal/Strings/Drum jam session evenings. Putting the chord progression and composing theory to work in a practical, fun environment. - Some of the music is wild!

4) Youth Orchestra that encourages camaraderie while building technical skills. We have several performances a year, thus giving us goals to work towards.

We are always evolving as our students bring us new and creative ideas of how they would like to learn music...Garage Band? Musicals with our own Musical Pit Orchestra? Youth Choir? Just a few suggestions that will be coming...

Musical Offerings:
Harp and Drums

All our best,

Catherine and Faculty

Foothills Music Academy
 offering:  piano, drums, voice, violin, viola, cello, orchestra and choir
 serving:  Duvall, Monroe, Redmond, Carnation, Woodinville

Youth Orchestra ...

Hello fellow community musicians,

We want to invite you to become a member of our orchestra.  You can join at any time and we do not hold auditions.  Every week we welcome a new member, so please do not be anxious.  Come and listen and see what we are about.

We are a group of young musicians from all over the Eastside who come together to play music.
If you love playing your violin, viola, cello, bass, piano or guitar, please join us.

Do you like to compose?  We play original music written and conducted by members.  Very fun!

For those of you that are piano players or guitar players, you are welcome to join.

If we end up with an overflowing group of pianists, we will start a piano orchestra, so do not hesitate to join.

Too many guitarists? We can start a guitar jam session.

We meet September - May, every Tuesday evening 6:30-8:00
The fee is $120 per quarter.  (Sept-Nov, Dec-Feb,Mar-May).

Example of Music we play:  Best of Queen, Halo 3 alongside Classical Beethoven and Baroque Telemann

Bring a friend!  Let's make this group rock this year!!!

All our best,

Catherine and Faculty

Foothills Music Academy
 offering:  piano, guitar, voice, violin, viola, cello, orchestra and choir
 serving:  Duvall, Monroe, Redmond, Carnation, Woodinville

Northshore Beginning Orchestra One-Bow Concerto

Do you see Ms Emmy and Ms. Cathy? 
Can you figure out why it is called One-Bow?
Do you recognize some fellow-musicians from Foothills Music Orchestra?

Every morning we work with 4th, 5th and 6th grade string students, for a combined program totaling 200 musicians in the Northshore School District.

This particular performance of One-Bow Concerto is our  5th and 6th grade students; 100 in all.
I had conducted 2 groups separate, of 50 each the week prior, but this was the first time we all came together...including our cellist, violist and violinist, who are also teachers in the Northshore Elementary Strings Program.

All our best,

Catherine and Faculty
Foothills Music Academy
 offering:  piano, guitar, voice, violin, viola, cello, orchestra and choir
 serving:  Duvall, Monroe, Redmond, Carnation, Woodinville