Time For Fall Registration...

Now is that time...summer done and school begun!

We are now taking registration for students in piano, drums, voice, violin, viola, cello and guitar.

Call, text or email the studio for availability.

Our tuition is monthly:
30-minute weekly sessions $120
60-minute weekly sessions  $240

We do not charge a registration or recital fee.

We provide quarterly make-ups for missed lessons that cannot be rescheduled.

All our best,

Catherine and Faculty

Foothills Music Academy
 offering:  piano, drums, voice, violin, viola, cello, guitar and youth orchestra 

 serving:  Duvall, Monroe, Redmond, Carnation, Woodinville

Foothills Music Academy - Why Us?

With so many places to learn music, why choose Foothills Music Academy?

We not only teach instrument proficiency in our private lesson sessions,  we also facilitate musical exploration and performance.

Our students do not just go into a "room" down a hall, but get to know each other.  And, should they choose, take advantage of the opportunities to collaborate with one another.

1) All students at FMA learn theory and composition.  An aspiring composer is given the opportunity to hear his/her music come to life via our youth orchestra that meets weekly.  He/She gets to learn to conduct as well as work with musicians - we have had conductors as young as 8!

2) A vocalist is always in need of an accompanist, and accompanying is a lost art.  We provide our piano students the opportunity to learn a piece and coordinate with any of our students, not just vocal.

3) Piano/Vocal/Strings/Drum jam session evenings. Putting the chord progression and composing theory to work in a practical, fun environment. - Some of the music is wild!

4) Youth Orchestra that encourages camaraderie while building technical skills. We have several performances a year, thus giving us goals to work towards.

We are always evolving as our students bring us new and creative ideas of how they would like to learn music...Garage Band? Musicals with our own Musical Pit Orchestra? Youth Choir? Just a few suggestions that will be coming...

Musical Offerings:

All our best,

Catherine and Faculty

Foothills Music Academy
 offering:  piano, drums, voice, violin, viola, cello, orchestra and choir
 serving:  Duvall, Monroe, Redmond, Carnation, Woodinville

Youth Orchestra ...

Hello fellow community musicians,

We want to invite you to become a member of our orchestra.  You can join at any time and we do not hold auditions.  Every week we welcome a new member, so please do not be anxious.  Come and listen and see what we are about.

Why Foothills Youth Orchestra?

What sets us apart is that we are a non-competitive, collaborative orchestra that not only provides opportunities for stringed instruments but also for percussion, piano and harp. All of our instructors are professional performing musicians currently involved in local symphonies and orchestras and strive to teach good musicianship and the art of performing alongside one another.

Our members are encouraged to take chances in a safe environment and help one another.
The orchestra's philosophy  is: "We are only as strong as our least experienced player"

Do you like to compose?  We play original music written and conducted by members.  Very fun!

Our members come from all over the Eastside, and many are  involved in their local school programs, but have found a unique chamber-type atmosphere at Foothills and enjoy the ability to play music without the distractions of school.

We meet September - May, every Tuesday evening 6:30-8:00
The fee is $120 per quarter.  (Sept-Nov, Dec-Feb,Mar-May).

Example of Music we play:  Best of Queen, Halo 3 alongside Classical Beethoven and Baroque Telemann

All our best,

Catherine and Faculty

Foothills Music Academy
 offering:  piano, guitar, voice, violin, viola, cello, orchestra and choir
 serving:  Duvall, Monroe, Redmond, Carnation, Woodinville

Wunderkeys Preschool Piano - A Headstart in Music, Math and Life!

Wunderkeys does not follow the trend of group music classes for Preschoolers. Young children have many opportunities to participate in group music lessons. Our program is something different...a true one-on-one piano program.

Every activity, image, song and story in the Wunderkeys Program is designed with preschoolers in mind. Our one-on-one piano program takes preschool children with no musical experience on a magical journey where they acquire the piano skills, keyboard awareness, and rhythmic understanding they need for a successful future at the piano.

The lessons are for 30 minutes, and they will be busy and fully engaged for that entire time. We play duets, finger games, pattern manipulatives, physical rhythm movement and much more, such as playing a glockenspiel! Every lesson builds upon the last, and each week we send home at-home lessons for the preschoolers to teach their parents!


1. Build Self-Esteem
2. Maintain Focus
3. Develop hand-eye coordination
4. Express their emotions
5. Relieve stress
6. Encourage familiarity and comfort performing at a young age
7. Create a strong teacher-student bond
8. Enhance musicality through ear training and rhythmic awareness
9. Develop pattern recognition

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We look forward to being part of your child's musical journey!
And, what a wonderful journey it will be!

Fee:  $30 per 1/2 hr private lesson

Private Instruction Offered

At Foothills Music Academy we offer the following private instruction:

Piano - Keyboard - Voice

Violin - Viola - Cello

Electric Guitar - Accoustic Guitar 


Theory - Composition

Youth Orchestra 

All levels and ages welcome!