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We are now providing on-line/virtual lessons and both my students and I are loving it!  Nearly 100% of our students are continuing their lessons on-line as well as enrolling new virtual students across the country. This speaks to both Foothills and our students' love for music and commitment to keep it in our lives.

Here are some responses from parents:

       "Perfect!  Thank you for doing the online lessons!!!  It is helping to keep some sort normalcy  to his schedule and day now". - B.C.

        "Thanks for braving the new world of online...everything 🙂. Appreciate your patience! He finished the lesson and said he liked it ... that's a two thumbs up!" - S.W.

"Sounds like all went really well. I am so happy you are gutsy and willing to try something new." - M.C.

"Thank you. He loves it. He practiced this morning quite a bit" - B.D.

What a typical lesson looks like:
* Play scale/technique 
* Play song/literature requiring this scale/technique
* Screen share music and discuss/annotate what we see/what parts are difficult and jointly      determine why/how to get over that hurdle.
* Screen share theory/composition and work/complete in class
** Some "buddy" lessons. We invite friends to join and play in a "round robin" setting and       compose/improvise together.

Now is a perfect time to begin lessons. For all the reasons our parents are citing, lessons  bring routine, purpose, interaction and above all, a "happy place" for creativity and imagination. You can be a complete beginner! 

This is about connecting and keeping the joy/love of learning in our lives.


Foothills Music Academy 

Foothills Music Academy
 offering:  piano, violin, viola, cello, and cello squad

 serving:  Duvall, Monroe, Redmond, Carnation, Woodinville, Bothell, Mill Creek

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