Teaching Philosophy


My teaching philosophy is a simple one...to create a nurturing friendship between the student and their piano that will endure a lifetime!

I know that each student asks something different of me, just as we all have independent goals.
Some want to play Chopin Nocturne's flawlessly, others to play the latest "pop" song in a band, and still others  desire to accompany their children's singing or their brothers' trumpet.
There is even the student who is only there because "mom said so", and that is alright, for they will one day thank mom for "saying so" when they choose to pick up another instrument one day and find they already know how to read music!

There is so much more to piano playing than memorizing notes...I strive to teach:
    Composition Music Forms  Theory
    Rhythm Recognition Ear Training Music History
    Interpretation Performance
    Composer Background Accompaniment and...

I do not teach in private homes, for another simple reason...it is similar to practicing soccer in the backyard and having play-off/championship games in the same backyard.  For me, some of the most warm and exhilarating times as a student was playing on my teachers' various pianos.  How "talented" I felt as my simple beginning piano piece would vibrate from beautiful, well-crafted instruments...of course, the black grand pianos were my favorite...therefore I  have my personal Kawai grand piano in the academy so that all my students can feel that same exhilaration!

All my best,


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